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Inspirus VP Featured in CHRO on Diversity and Inclusion

Thought Leader Theresa Harkins shares how recognition can advance a culture of Diversity & Inclusion

Fort Worth, Texas (March 6, 2019) HRO Today recently hosted a webinar featuring Theresa Harkins, Diversity & Inclusion thought leader and Vice President-Client Success & Engagement Solutions at Inspirus, a Sodexo Group Company. The free webinar called Driving Diversity & Inclusion Using Rewards revealed the necessity of a strong D&I strategy as a business imperative. Theresa shared practices and valuable information about building an effective strategy bolstered by recognition and distinct solutions to create lasting change and a more cohesive and engaged culture.

Human resource professionals participated in the live event in which Theresa discussed the benefits of a robust solution that encompasses tools to successfully address recognition, diversity and inclusion, learning and more as part of a company’s employee engagement strategy. Diversity and inclusion are a top priority on CEO dashboard metrics and a critical area of focus for most organizations. Inspirus, where employees live the vision “Bring Joy to Work, One Experience at a Time™”  can help organizations address diversity and inclusion with proven strategies and measurable impact.

Those interested in improving Diversity and Inclusion programs and enhancing employee engagement in their organization can sign up for Theresa Harkins’ upcoming Diversity and Inclusion Workshop scheduled for May 16. The workshop brings together the in-depth recognition know-how of Inspirus with the award winning and globally recognized D&I experience and approach that Sodexo follows and shares with clients.

According to Theresa Harkins, “Many organizations start to attract a diverse group of people, but their culture isn’t one that is built on trust, respect, and acceptance. Without that welcoming of all of those backgrounds, those experiences, and those ideas, companies really start to struggle to maintain, grow, or retain the talent that they brought in the door. Having an understanding of what diversity looks like and working together to create the culture that you want within the organization, is something that can create inclusiveness.” Inspirus provides Benefits and Rewards Services including recognition for its parent company Sodexo—a leader in Diversity and Inclusion. Sodexo has been recognized for 10 consecutive years by DiversityInc and was named to six of its specialty lists, including Top Companies for LGBT Employees; Top 11 Companies for Recruitment; Top 12 Companies for Executive Women; Top 13 Companies for Employee Resource Groups; Top 14 Companies for Mentoring; and Top 20 Companies for Diversity Councils. Most recently, Sodexo was inducted into the first class of the DiversityInc Hall of Fame.

Please visit Inspirus for more information on our Diversity and Inclusion solutions.

A selection of achievements received in 2018 for diversity and inclusion:


About Inspirus
Inspirus believes employees make up the foundation of culture, which is shaped and evolved through everyday experiences that are essential to the development of strong, high-performing organizations. We seek to influence the employee experience through our six Quality of Life dimensions: recognition, health and well-being, personal growth, physical environment, social interaction, and ease and efficiency.        

Only Inspirus combines an integrated rewards engine, learning courses, communication tools, and analytics into a single platform spanning recognition, service anniversary, well-being, and diversity and inclusion. Through Sodexo’s broader mission of improving the Quality of Life of all we serve, Inspirus aims to bring joy to work, one experience at a time.

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