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Recognize Employees on the Fly with Inspirus i365 Mobile

Recognize Employees on the Fly with Inspirus i365 Mobile
We make it easy for companies to recognize, engage and inspire employees anytime, anywhere.

FORT WORTH, Texas – (June 27, 2014) Inspirus, a leading provider of workforce recognition solutions, has launched an innovative mobile points based platform—i365 mobile. The platform makes it easy for companies to recognize, engage and inspire employees anytime, anywhere. “More and more, companies are beginning to understand how important employee engagement programs are to the success and well-being of their corporate culture and bottom line,” says Tim Hough, vice president of Solutions. “Now the power of recognition is always at their fingertips. With i365 mobile, it only takes a few clicks on any smart device to recognize someone in a personal and meaningful way.”

The robust mobile platform provides executives and managers with a flexible and scalable point-based recognition and reward system designed to make employees feel valued while encouraging behaviors aligned with company goals. Designed and built by the Inspirus Solutions team, i365 mobile is administered and supported by the company’s award-winning client services team. As advocates for employee engagement, both teams understand the pressure points that often derail recognition programs, and are helping companies leverage i365 mobile’s speed and convenience as an antidote.

“Studies show that a culture of recognition has a tremendous impact on a company’s bottom line. That’s why frequency and consistency are so important when it comes to recognizing and rewarding employees,” says Pete Chambers, chairman and chief executive officer of Inspirus. “With i365 mobile, companies get a turn-key platform that allows them to easily leverage a comprehensive suite of recognition solutions, including peer-to-peer, spot, safety, wellness and more—completely on the fly. We’ve removed the barriers and designed an intuitive product that fits into the hectic pace of work and life. Now every organization can engage their employees and reinforce behaviors tied to better company performance.”

Accessed from any smart device, i365 mobile extends the reach of employee recognition through engaging social media-like features. Participants can share accomplishments and milestones with friends, family and coworkers. Redeeming reward points for a selection of popular merchandise and gift cards is a fun and hassle-free online shopping experience that generates excitement and enthusiasm. On-demand reporting and analytics provide an up-to-date view regarding progress toward key metrics.

The i365 points platform is just one way Inspirus—honored as a Top Recognition Provider five years in a row by HRO Today—is helping companies of all sizes nurture employee engagement and build a culture of recognition.

About Inspirus
Inspirus helps companies cultivate best places to work by designing, implementing and managing employee recognition programs that strengthen employee engagement, improve retention and motivate people to higher levels of performance. We combine award-winning customer service, innovative technology and best-in-class platforms to recognize, engage and inspire.

Our recognition professionals will help you design programs tailored to suit your unique culture and business needs.

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